The Doctor

Dr. Mary Peterson, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Peterson is a 1997 graduate of the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL. She has a BS in Human Biology and Doctorate in Chiropractic Healthcare. She attended Penn State University for undergraduate studies. Dr. Peterson moved to the Chicago area to complete her graduate studies and fell in love with the people and area.

Dr. Peterson has a wonderful husband and business partner, Doug Compagner, and three beautiful children. Before relocating to the Chicagoland area in 2009, Dr. Peterson had a successful family practice in Grand Haven, MI.

They are settled in in the Palos area and enjoy many of the diverse opportunities these communities have to offer. "We are looking forward to raising our family in such diverse communities and taking advantage of all things a wonderful city like Chicago has to offer."

As for her approach to patients Dr. Peterson says, "When I evaluate a patient, I don't see a disease or an illness. I see a person wanting to take back control of their temple, their body, and enable the bodies own natural or innate healing powers to express it self to it's fullest potential." Dr. Peterson's can naturally facilitate self healing by improving nerve function through Chiropractic care and Acupuncture. This will allow the body to function at a higher level. Afterall, 80% of the diseases we see today are from choices we make.